Woke up from my dream and signed up for a Modern Calligraphy class online.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Woke up from a wedding-related dream haha i can't exactly remember what happened but somehow the moment I woke up i was fumbling around for my phone and searching for modern calligraphy classes and i found one on Introduction to the art of Modern Calligraphy (I) by Molly Jacques and swiftly paid for the class!

Since Leon will not be around much next month (every single week he will be gone for at least 4 days and back from Mon-Wed then there he goes again), I don't want to be sitting around alone at home watching american TV shows until my brain rot so yay! heading to Art Friend after work to grab some calligraphy supplies! :D

Lol I'm probably going to be horrible at it since my normal handwriting is already freaking ugly, yes like truly UGLY. But oh wells, at least I'm giving it a shot. hehe IF (that's a huge if) it goes well i might even be able to put my calligraphy skills to good use for the wedding!

Last week before meeting some friends for a food tasting session at PARK @ Holland Village, I went by Art Friend to pick up my 1st set of calligraphy supplies! 

Obviously not the most consistent writing ever! haha

Spent couple of hours practicing my ABCs and spilled 1/3 of a jar of calligraphy ink all over my leg + table + floor. Sooooo clumsy!

Practice Practice, Practice!

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